Open End Clasp Envelopes Sub 28 Brown Kraft

Atlantic Envelope's Clasp envelopes are open end style, similar to the catalog, but with a metal clasp, which ensures protection to its contents. Our Clasp Envelopes are a cost effective way of mailing annual reports, brochures, direct mail promotions, announcements, mailing magazines and large booklets. The metal clasp is secured to the back side of the envelope and a small reinforced hole is punched in the flap for the claps to slip though and be secured. The clasp is used in conjunction with the gum sea. Atlantic Envelope's Clasp Envelopes offer protection for heavy enclosures and additional security.
No. Size Window Size Position Left Position Bottom Item No.
No. 55 6 x 9 24775
No. 90 9 x 12 04191
No. 97 10 x 13 04200
In stock
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