Open End Sub 28 Brown Kraft Peel & Seel

Envelope Common Uses & Benefits

Atlantic Envelope stocks a wide variety of Open End / Catalog Envelopes with a PEEL & SEEL Flap. Open End / Catalog Envelopes have a large uninterrupted printing area, great for getting your promotions noticed

Our Open End / Catalog Envelopes with PEEL & SEEL flaps are a cost effective way of mailing annual reports, brochures, direct mail promotions, announcements, mailing magazines and large booklets.

Atlantic Envelopes Open End / Catalog Envelopes Open End Center Seam Construction offers protection for heavy enclosures. The super sticky gum line on our PEEL & SEEL Envelope is covered by a strip of release paper liner. The sticky adhesive ensures security for the contents and is easy to use.

No. Size Window Size Position Left Position Bottom Item No.
No. 1 Catalog 6 x 9 76690
No. 10 1/2 Catalog 9 x 12 04134
No. 12 1/2 Catalog 9-1/2 x 12-1/2 04144
No. 13 1/2 Catalog 10 x 13 04155
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